SoLocal Group’s business is a convergence of a wide range of expertise encompassing two fields: Internet, with search and digital marketing activities (80% of our turnover), and Print (20% of our turnover), mainly entailing activities related to printed directories.


Local search involves the solutions we offer to companies to enhance their visibility:

  • Display advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Rankings
  • Content 
  • Transactional tools

The efficiency of these offers resides in the volume and quality of the audience, which we generate through our own media platforms (PagesJaunes, Mappy, Ooreka), and our partnerships with international players (Google, Bing (Microsoft), Yahoo!, Apple and Facebook).

Digital marketing consists of technologies we market to professionals to help them enhance awareness among consumers through enriched, relevant and personalised information.

These fast-growing technologies include:

  • Websites and their contents, web design turnkey solutions, hosting and SEO
  • Local programmatic advertising (a targeted service offer leveraging local purchasing intentions data of web users),
  • Transactional tool of PagesJaunes Doc.


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This broad offer includes: 

  • Classic turnkey websites in France through PagesJaunes,
  • Creation of a Facebook fan page
  • Customised microsite creation and management solution for each shop within a distribution network, enabling internet localisation of retail outlets and products available for clearance (Bridge by Leadformance),
  • Websites offering guaranteed visits (the Marketing Connect website of SoLocal Marketing Services)
  • Websites in Spain (Solucion Web of QDQ Media)


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  • Targeting service offer “Adhesive”: Internet users who have conducted searches on the Group’s media platforms are re-targeted to relevant advertisers, on third-party media.
  • AdWords campaigns: Owing to its partnership with Google and Bing and the acquisition of Effilab in end 2015, SoLocal Group has actively reinforced its capabilities and expertise in terms of designing and managing paid search advertising.


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They enable the consumer to book an appointment or purchase an item after visiting the or PagesJaunes Doc websites.

  • Restaurant bookings
  • Hotel bookings
  • Booking an appointment with a doctor or any other professional (auto repair service, beauty salons, etc.)
  • Booking an appointment with a healthcare professional (PagesJaunes Doc)
  • Posting real estate classifieds
  • Possibility of posting product inventories online (Mappy Shopping)




This consists of our publishing, distribution and sales of advertising space in the PagesJaunes and PagesBlanches print directories, telephone directory and reverse directory, as well as traditional direct marketing.

Printed Directories
The 2015 edition counts 239 different directories: 129 publications for PagesJaunes, 93 publications for PageBlanches and 17 publications for the Directory. Publication of these directories is staggered throughout the year.

Voice and other activities:
SoLocal Group operates directory enquiry services by telephone and SMS (118 008) and the QuiDonc reverse directory. This segment also includes some activities of SoLocal Marketing Services, namely: telemarketing, data mining, database generation, prospect processing and traditional direct marketing activities (data entry and postage).